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    The factory is located at the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Huairou District, surrounded by some famous scenic spots such as the Great Wall, Yanqi Lake, and so on. With superior quality water and clean air, it is a wonderful place for manufacturing medicines. The factory occupies an area of 10 thousand square meters. The production workshop is designed and constructed completely referring to GMP standard.The factory now has tablet compressing machine, capsule filling machine, 3-D mixer, pelletizer, boiling bed, etc. advanced pharmaceutical equipment. The devices for tests and experiments are complete. Now the factory has passed the national authentication of GMP.

    The factory has the assembly lines for 5 dosage forms, covering time release pellets workshop, tablets workshop, granules workshop, oral liquid (10 ml-20 ml)workshop, and capsule filling workshop.

    Time-release-pellets:At present the pellets are manufactured with extruding-spheronization method. The technologies of pellet making and time release controlling are at the leading level in China. It has carried out experiments on hundreds of different products for users globally in the pharmaceutics, biochemistry, food, cosmetics, etc. Using the abundant experiences which we have accumulated for years, we may provide the service for formular developing, enlarged experiments, contract manufacturing. We also can produce USP or BP standard blank pellets with sugar, starch, or microcrystalline cellulose , These pellets are superior exipients for time-release-controlling and cosmetics as well.

    Capsule:Our capacity is 200 million capsules per year. We have produced Carnitine Capsules, Vitamin capsules ,as well as L-Arginine capsules for German clients for years and we have abundant experiences in making capsules. They are attracted by the superior and steady qualities.

    Tablet:It has the production capacity for 200 million tablets. Now our company has produced Multivitamin tablets, calcium tablets, magnesium tablets, calcium+magnesium tablets for German clients. As for these products, especially for vitamin tablets, we have created a set of technologies depending on our experiences for years, and completely solved the problems of unstable interior qualities. Now our tablets products have occupied half of the market in Germany.

    Granule:It has the production capacity for 20 million packages.

    The production devices and machines for the above mentioned dosage are advanced with high automaticity. The workshop space prepared in advance is large enough for additional equipment, which may be started at any time according to the marketing.

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